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Image: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 572, f. 86r

Adulfus, Priest and Murderer

Alice Hicklin

October 2022

A network of episcopal handbooks

Bastiaan Waagmeester

July 2022

How diocesan synods helped priests to stay sharp

Bastiaan Waagmeester

November 2021

How to deal with tenacious demons

Carine van Rhijn

October 2021

Tenth-century expectation management

Charles West

August 2021

Old rules in a changing world

Steffen Patzold

July 2021

What local priests were supposed to know

Bastiaan Waagmeester

May 2021

An elderly eccentric

Charles West

March 2021

On the offspring of clerics

Charles West

March 2021